Comprehensive Oral Examinations


Regular preventive care is the first step to helping you and your family keep your teeth for life. We aim to make your visits to our practise a pleasant and rewarding experience. We work with you to answer any questions you may have and put a plan in place to achieve your dental goals

Your first visit to Teeth, Mouth, Smile - involves a thorough mouth examination;

  • A comprehensive oral health and hygiene inspection and an assessment of the form, function and aesthetics of your teeth.  Your occlusion (the way in which your top teeth fit together with your lower teeth) will also be assessed. Over time malocclusions can lead to trauma to dental and gingival(gum) tissues as well as TMJ disorders.
  • An assessment of your general medical history is also made. It is important for us to know all medications or herbal remedies you may be taking as some or all of these things can link to dental treatments and your dental health. Heart conditions, diabetes and certain medications may affect the health of your teeth and gums.
  • The soft tissues of your mouth including the tongue, lips and cheeks will be checked for abnormalities which may be a sign of oral health issues, or oral pathologies including oral cancer.
  • Examinations detect the early signs of disease and breakdown. No examination is complete without radiographs. We can evaluate recently taken radiographs (not more than 2 years old) which are of diagnostic quality. Radiographs further identify the presence or absence of disease, by showing radiographically the areas inside and between teeth as well as the surrounding structures. As we aim to keep your treatment at dentists on church as pleasurable as possible we continue to recommend regular 6 monthly oral examinations, so that the early detection of disease will keep treatment comfortable before a big catastrophe occurs.
Upon completion of the examination process we will discuss with you our findings and recommendations to help you reach your goals and any questions you may have can be addressed. We will also provide you with a detailed treatment plan outlining all of your dental problems and associated treatment options, for maintaining your dental health and enhancing your smile. All advantages and disadvantages of treatment, risks of treatment or no treatment, options and costs of treatment will be presented to you before any treatment is commenced. There is never any obligation for you to undergo treatment however it is in your best interest to look after your dental health.
We do ask that you please arrive 10 minutes prior to your 1st scheduled appointment with us so that you may complete all relevant paperwork. Also please bring an up-to-date list of the names of all medications you are currently taking.