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Dentistry and COVID 19

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Online consultations will help get us through

No one could ever have imagined the widespread effects that would sweep across the world at the time the first reports started to come out of China of a mystery virus that was spreading rapidly and causing pneumonia and the death of several patients.

A few months on and most countries have been touched in someway by the effects of COVID-19 such that everyday lives have been turned around or flipped upside down with resulting major social and economic upheaval.

Dentistry as we know it has changed. Although on a daily basis across Australia dental practices maintain the highest standards of infection control. Aside from frontline health care workers, dentists and their auxiliary staff couldn't be more at risk of catching COVID 19

In an environment where social distancing is not possible, dentists have to sit within very close range of a critical zone of aerosol driven saliva splatter. It has been shown that this particular corona virus can be transmitted even by asymptomatic patients. Therefore despite our best efforts at pre screening patients it is inevitable that as a dentist you could put yourself into close contact with an unknown carrier of the virus. Level 3 restrictions for the provision of dental care are now in place across Australia such that all general dental treatments and non urgent care must be deferred. Any emergency treatments must be adapted as the creation of aerosols during treatment is forbidden. This means that often urgent care can not always be carried out completely and a temporary measure only must suffice.

How does this affect you as the patient seeking dental care.

The most important take home message is that it couldn't be a more important time for you and your family to take good care of your teeth and gums at home. With a lot of Australian dental practices already having closed their doors and some having even run out of materials including all important masks, gloves and protective supplies it could be very difficult time to seek the services of a dentist.

Measures you can take;

  1. If you don't already floss your teeth then start now

  2. Floss before you brush your teeth

  3. Brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste

  4. Oversee your children's dental routines making sure they are cleaning all of their teeth and getting into all of those hard to reach places

  5. Through out old brushes and make sure you have a decent brush with soft bristles

  6. Although tempting to snack throughout the day while you're at home and to beat the boredom - try to keep your snacking close to mealtimes so that you teeth have a chance to remineralise

  7. Chew sugar free gum for 10 mins after each meal

Most importantly stay home! Wash your hands regularly. If you have any dental concerns then we are here for you on

Good luck and be safe!
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