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"The invisible way to straighten teeth"

invisalign Melbourne by Brighton Dentist
invisalign Melbourne by Brighton Dentist

We have been Invisalign providers in Melbourne for more than 20 years

Until now there has been no alternative to having a mouthful of metal and wires as a way to straighten your teeth - this is probably why several people (especially adults) have chosen to let their crooked teeth go untreated.


Over 75% of the population suffer from crooked teeth which makes the condition more common than poor eyesight.

Invisalign is a virtually transparent, undetectable alternative to braces, teeth are gently moved and straightened by a series of clear plastic removable appliances called aligners.


Invisalign provides a much more aesthetic option for people who don't want to wear braces.

Invisalign is a safe and effective way
to move teeth using sequential
clear aligner technology.

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