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We welcome new patients to our Dental Practice

welcome to your new dentist in brighton

You’re in great hands!

We always welcome new patients to Teeth, Mouth, Smile.

We make sure all of our patients feel welcome and are taken care of.

If you are new to our dental practice  here in Brighton, then you can rest assured you are in good hands.


We also love it when our regular patients refer their extended family members or friends to us.


If you're planning a new smile for a special occasion, wedding or celebration ensure you allow enough time for your treatment to be scheduled and make sure to let us know.

Your very first visit with us involves a thorough mouth examination

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What happens at my first dental appointment?

Regular preventive care is the first step in helping you and your family keep your teeth for life. We aim to make your visits to our practice a pleasant and rewarding experience.


We work with you to answer any questions you may have about your mouth and oral health and put a plan in place to achieve your dental health goals.


Upon completion of the examination process we will discuss with you our findings and recommendations to help you reach your goals and any questions you may have can be addressed. We will also provide you with a detailed treatment plan outlining all of your dental problems and associated treatment options, for maintaining your dental health and enhancing your smile.

dental examination by Dentists in Brighton

How long will my first dental appointment take and how much will it cost?

The time will vary depending on the nature and complexity of your mouth, existing oral health and dental conditions. Most examination visits will take between 30 to 45 minutes and sometimes it may be necessary to schedule a follow up visit to discuss proposed treatment options once all x-rays and diagnostic models have been analysed . We recommend regular 6 monthly examinations to ensure that any breakdown of restorations or early signs of dental disease can be detected before further deterioration occurs.


Remember your dental health can be a predictor of your overall general health. Regular maintenance is less costly than a major problem.

All advantages and disadvantages of treatment, risks of treatment or no treatment, options and costs of treatment

will be presented to you before your treatment is commenced. There is never any obligation for you to undergo treatment however it is in your best interest and long-term health and comfort to look after your dental health for life.


Dental Insurance

Payment in full is required at the time of your dental treatment, unless for more complex treatments a payment plan has already been established. We offer the HICAPS direct claiming system. This accepts most major insurance providers and as your insurance claim is processed at the time of your visit -please remember to bring your insurance card to your dental appointments.


We cannot guarantee that your insurance provider will pay for any given treatment or how much they will cover.

Every insurance provider is different and you need to refer to your fund directly to discuss any queries you may have in this area. Once your rebate has been processed you need only pay the gap (difference) on the day of treatment

Dental Emergencies

Generally, unless you are in pain we will not be providing treatment at your first visit.The first visit is diagnostic in nature so that we can accurately assess the current condition of your teeth and mouth.


If you do have a dental emergency please alert our receptionist at the time of making your appointment so that we can allow the appropriate length for your booking.

Do You See Children? Are You A Family Dental Practice? 

Yes we are a family practice and we welcome children for their dental visits.


We recognise the importance of establishing good oral hygiene patterns from a young age so that dental care remains a relatively comfortable and easy experience for your children. These visits are important to help establish this routine as well as familiarise your children with the equipment and surroundings of a dental practice. Dental Health

Health Insurance - Why we choose not to be preferred providers

A preferred provider is a dentist who has signed an agreement with a health insurance company to let the health insurance company set the fees they charge their patients, which in turn means the insurance companies are controlling the quality of the materials that can be used on patients and the quality of the care and level of expertise of staff afforded. We will not compromise the level of care we offer our patients and therefore will never join or belong to such schemes.  The behaviour of many major insurance providers in relation to the preferred provider scheme has often been questionable, with bullying tactics used on the providers and also using very deceptive marketing to the public with their use of the term "preferred provider". This information has never been made clear to the patients who are unsuspecting that this is the basis behind the whole scheme. Dentists choose to join such a compromising scheme and are not chosen as may often be thought.

You should be able to feel safe that a highly skilled and trained dentist, with your consent will decide your dental care. We will not reduce the time spent on your procedure, utilise cheaper materials, reduce techniques and infrastructure or employ fewer, often less experienced staff just to meet the requirements set out by a Health Insurance Provider.

Do You Use HICAPS?

We welcome all patients and all health insurances are accepted here. You will continue to receive your rebates with us and with our HICAPS system you can directly claim after each appointment - only paying the gap payment on the day of treatment. 

We will remain committed to the provision of the highest quality of care for our patients and as such will remain a Non-Preferred Provider continuing to accept all health funds equally.

Do You Have After Hours Dental Appointments?

Yes evening and Saturday visits can be arranged following prior assessment for specified treatments or circumstances. Please discuss your requirements at the time of your appointment.


Whether you are visiting us for the first time or are an existing patient, undergoing a routine dental or cosmetic treatment, you will always receive exceptional patient care and customer service at

Teeth, Mouth, Smile.

We appreciate your kind referral of family members and friends. We welcome the opportunity to take great care of their dental health needs as well as your own

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